1st January, 2014

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EVERYONE LOVES A GREAT MURDER MYSTERY BUT WHAT ABOUT THE ONE ON HUMANITY WHICH A LOT OF PEOPLE LIKE TO IGNORE: WHODUNNIT? That one is easy, the guilty entity responsible for global genocide is your mate - god.

I have been fascinated with history and particularly the bible for many years. Like many people before me I have taken on the challenge to unravel the ancient mysteries. I am certain I have a lot to contribute from my findings but I am faced with a problem. First of all I am not wanting to upset anyone because of my findings but regardless of which side of the opinion fence I sit, this is unavoidable. Secondly, I am a person who loves to find answers but I lack the marketing skill to disseminate this information. 

I set up this website several years ago when I first completed my research. I have had interest in my book and some very encouraging comments.

I guess it is easy for me to say I have made some big discoveries because lets face it I'm not the first. There is the bible codes for example. So I sat down and thought; how can I get my research findings noticed by more people.

I have tried many approaches - the soft and gentle method - the assertive, aggressive method but lets face it unless a potential reader has some slip of an insight into my material then I am just another author with an opinion...

So I decided, give you the reader an insight to my material...

My manuscript is divided up into 5 books. They have been titled De Coded Biblical Series with the subtitles of Old Testament De Coded - New Testament De Coded - Revelation De Coded - Daniel De Coded - Face of God De Coded.

In each book of the Manuscript I uncover numerous information, many of which I don't think has been uncovered before. It has been difficult for me to decide which pieces I would expose that may grab your attention. Should I show you how Jesus is not a descendant of David by direct biblical reference but instead as my discovery - he is a descendant of the temple builders of Solomons second temple. Or that Revelation did not predict the future but instead speaks of the inception of God where the four living creatures who call out the 4 horsemen actually match with ancient antiquity. But then I decided since the End Time prophecy has held many people hostage perhaps this is the best example. I decided (for the moment) that since the Maya have shown this is the end of an era in December 2012 then my correlation with the bible on this subject may be of interest.

My manuscript will be far more detailed than what I will expose here.

First of all, in my manuscript I speak about a key which unlocks the entire bible. This key not only unlocks Revelation but also the entire biblical scripts and this includes the actual image of God.

I refer to Revelation as a Time Capsule and this key unlocks the Time Capsule.

I found the key in the Old Testament book of Daniel. In my manuscript I go into detail how I uncovered this key. This key then unlocks Revelation.

This key (as it turns out) is human DNA in its numerical form. The ratio 1.618 has been likened to identify DNA and everything in nature. My argument in my manuscript is not to debate for or against this ratio but instead to identify it was a known mathematical ratio in antiquity.

I stumbled across this by accident. It was because Daniel did not complete a riddle in the Old Testament I was determined to find out why. Then when I moved onto Revelation I realised a correlation began to unfold.

My actual method for unlocking the bible is detailed in my manuscript so although I am going to give you an insight to part and only part of this riddle the remainder is laid out in full in my work.

I totally understand you may struggle with my snippet piece of information but at the same time I hope you will be curious enough to want the full information.

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So here we go;

The Maya predict the end of this era is December, 2012. (and yes this time has passed - but the influence still lingers)

In the book of Daniel a riddle is incomplete. This riddle is located in mutiples of '5'.

2012 - 2+0+1+2= 5 

The numerical comparison for DNA is 1.618.

This will result in 5 sets of connecting numbers using 1.618 as the key.

Using the key 2012 and 1.618 (DNA) I was able to uncover a numerical unlocking system.

For Example:

The Catholic (Universal) Church was instigated in the year 325 at Nicea.

Now using 2012 as the End Time documented by the Maya civilization and DNA 1.618 - this first result appears.

2012 multiplied by .1618 = 325

There are 4 more connecting numbers to 1618 and the year 2012...

The analysis I build upon exposes many results. The most evident is the biblical scripts are actually warning humanity of the dangers of God and not promoting him. The Bible exposes the dangers instigated by God - the murders and bloodied wars.

God did not write the bible - Humanity did, the original custodians of earth. This is the reason why the key to unlocking the bible is human DNA 1.618. People existed long before the gods arrived 6,000 years ago and invaded humanity for global domination. The ancients set out the bible with all the information needed to prove God infiltrated our world. A world which already existed before he arrived.

God declares we are made in his image. However the information contained in Solomon's temple validates this information is false. Jesus declared he was the descendant of King David except when I did a full search I found Jesus' ancestors were Temple Builders. In the bible Solomon is the son of King David and it is Solomon who builds the temple. The same temple and temple builders, Jesus' ancestor bloodline is found. This helped me find the true image of God. I cover this completely in my manuscript. I show the reader it is not humanity who are in God's image but instead it is the Gods and Demi Gods who became the Pharaohs of ancient antiquity.

All this information is contained in the bible. It was very difficult to find this information while I remained with the idea the bible was promoting God. Once I switch my thinking to reading the bible as warning humanity against the dangers of God, the evidence unravelled in front of me.   

For Example:

Revelation: The First Living Creature was a Lion: The Great Sphinx of Egypt is the body of a Lion and the face of a Pharaoh.

                    The First Living Creature calls out the first Horsemen. The First Living Creature said in a voice like Thunder "Come". There was a white horse, it's rider held a bow and he was given a crown. He rode out as a conqueror to conquer. The Pharaoh's rode out as conqueror's to conquer earth wearing a crown. This was around 6,000 years ago. The Pharaoh's were God representatives on earth. 

                     Hence: The Great Sphinx of Egypt is the body of a Lion and the Face of a Pharaoh.

The biblical history is based around Egypt: e.g. The Exodus was out of Egypt...

The common people of antiquity, the original custodians of earth were overpowered and dominated by the kingdoms of the Pharaohs from the inception of the gods. The ancients in antiquity kept a diary of these events and that diary is the Bible. The common people attempted several times (according to history) to rise up against the gods and Pharaoh's of antiquity and for good reason. They only partially succeeded. The bible considered compiled around the 7th century BCE retells the invasion, infiltration and domination by the gods of antiquity who were fine tuned to the single God of today.    

I am fully aware some people dispute 2012 by the Maya civilization has been calculated correctly and some people choose to suggest it is either 2011 or 2013. To me it doesn't matter.

I have presented my findings in my manuscript. I had no idea when I commenced my research I would uncover so much information. The most important point I realized - the bible is a very important document because it contains all the information we need to uncover God's identity.   

                                                     The manuscript is divided into 5 books

                                                    The first book is Old Testament De Coded  
                                                The second book is New Testament De Coded
                                                     The third book is Revelation De Coded
                                                      The fourth book is Daniel De Coded
                                                   The  fifth book is Face of God De Coded   

It is recommended the De Coded Biblical Series is read in order of each book. It will be a challenge if you skip parts of the series because references are made from the other books and this may cause confusion especially in the final compilations. It is the collection of all five books which brings the analysis together.

This series of Manuscripts is temporarily unable for purchase due to re editing. So please follow our blog at wordpress: decodedseries@wordpress where much of the manuscript will be covered.

Old Testament De Coded
revisits many familiar stories. Although this may appear tiresome for some people who are fluent in the these scriptures, I ask you to be patient and allow this work to unfold. Throughout the bible there is evidence - I call markers and these markers will bring together the mysteries to be uncovered.

The Old Testament is a vital piece to the overall uncovering of Revelation.

In a fashion of reverse engineering I place Revelation over the entire biblical texts combined with known history to bring the analysis together.

New Testament De Coded unravels an 'Entwined Story' in regard to the arrest, death and resurrection of Jesus.

In addition I do a basic overview of the first century and other information necessary for comprehension. I also cover the early life of Jesus within the biblical texts. I have been able to trace Jesus' ancestors back to the Old Testament.

Jesus' ancestors will lead us to God's image in Solomon's temple. Yes I found Jesus' true bloodline. With the help of Jesus and the Book of Daniel (the key which unlocks all the mysteries) in turn this led to the illusive image of God.

Revelation De Coded explains a different method to unravelling its contents. Revelation is matched with both biblical and known history to uncover a result which is very difficult to ignore. I produce evidence located within the bible to validate this claim. This is the importance of reading the books in order.

In short Revelation exposes humanity has been locked into a 'Time Capsule'. And the key to this time capsule is in Daniel.                      

Daniel De Coded uncovers a method never before used. I discovered while typing out the bible, Daniel is decoded in a limited section. Daniel within this section has a combination of numbers which have been found. These numbers when used within a mathematical system will expose a result so explosive I had no idea this would occur.

Daniel De Coded exposes the key which unlocks the 'Time Capsule' in Revelation and at the same time this same key is used to unlock the mystery of Solomon's temple and with the help of Jesus' blood line leads us to the mathematical image of God.

And as I have already exposed this key is human DNA. 

Face of God De Coded gives an overview of evidence. This allows for a better understanding of the key from Daniel which will unlock the final mystery.

Many people will struggle with the results, even I was shocked. This is why this analysis had been locked away for over ten years. Knowing how volatile the result of this work is, I had no idea what to do with it. It has only been recently I decided to expose these findings to the world.

I encourage you to refer to the bible as this manuscript unfolds and you will be amazed with the results.

The De Coded Biblical Series manuscript (482 pages) is available for purchase in PDF ebook form from this site once it has been re edited.  

 Thank you